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Afamia is specialized on Personal Protective Equipment and various range of other products such as hand tools, power tools, Building Materials and other consumables of construction job. Our Brands are mostly familiar with clients and globally recognized. We are always conscious about quality products and competitive prices.


  • Safety Coveralls
    Safety Coveralls
  • Safety Vest
    Safety Vest
  • Safety Shoes
    Safety Shoes
  • Safety Pants & Jackets
    Safety Pants & Jackets
  • Safety Gloves
    Safety Gloves
  • Bump Caps
    Bump Caps
  • Dust Mask
    Dust Mask
  • Ear plug
    Ear Plug
  • Ear Muff
    Ear Muff
  • Face Shields
    Face Shields
  • First Aid
    First Aid
  • Full Body Harness
    Full Body Harness
  • Respirators
  • Safety Glass
    Safety Glass
  • Safety Helmets
    Safety Helmets
  • Welding Jackets
    Welding Jackets
  • Welding Mask
    Welding Mask
  • personnal-protective-4
    Winter Jackets


  • Fire Blanket
    Fire Blanket
  • Fire Extinguisher
    Fire Extinguisher
  • Fire Hose
    Fire Hose
  • Gauge & Valve
    Gauge & Valve
  • Smoke Detectors
    Smoke Detectors


  • PVC Chain
    PVC Chain
  • Warning Lights
    Warning Lights
  • Safety Barrier
    Safety Barrier
  • Safety Cones
    Safety Cones
  • Safety Mesh
    Safety Mesh
  • Speed Humps
    Speed Humps
  • Traffic Safety Signs
    Traffic Safety Signs
  • Revolving Lights
    Revolving Lights
  • Warning Tape
    Warning Tape

Hand Tools

  • Allen Key
    Allen Key
  • Aviation Snip
    Aviation Snip
  • Clamps & Chiesel
    Clamps & Chiesel
  • Hackshaw & Handshaw
    Hackshaw & Handshaw
  • Hammers
  • Knipex Cutter
    Knipex Cutter
  • Measuring Tapes
    Measuring Tapes
  • Pliers
  • Screw Drivers
    Screw Drivers
  • Spanner & Wrenches
    Spanner & Wrenches
  • Sprit Level
    Sprit Level
  • Utility Knife
    Utility Knife

Power Tools & Accessories

  • Angel Grinder
    Angel Grinder
  • Angel Grinder
    Angel Grinder
  • Belt Sander
    Belt Sander
  • Belt Sander
    Belt Sander
  • Belt Sander
    Belt Sander
  • Cut off machine
    Cut off machine
  • Diamond Blades
    Diamond Blades
  • Drill Bits
    Drill Bits
  • Electric Drill
    Electric Drill
  • Electric Planer
    Electric Planer
  • Electric Planer
    Electric Planer
  • Hammer Drill
    Hammer Drill
  • Jig Saw
    Jig Saw
  • Other Bits
    Other Bits
  • Trimmer

Building Materials & Hardware

  • Hand Shovel
    Hand Shovel
  • Ladders
  • Ladders & Scaffolding
    Ladders & Scaffolding
  • Bolts & Nuts
    Bolts & Nuts
  • Aluminium bar & Chamfer
    Aluminium bar & Chamfer
  • Hose Clamp
    Hose Clamp
  • Nails & Washers
    Nails & Washers
  • Pick Axe
    Pick Axe
  • Plum Bob
    Plum Bob
  • Rope
  • Sand Mesh
    Sand Mesh
  • Scrappers
  • Shuttering Clamp
    Shuttering Clamp
  • Tarpaulin Sheets
    Tarpaulin Sheets
  • Trowel & Steel float
    Trowel & Steel float
  • Wheel Barrow
  • personnal-protective-1
    Wire Mesh


  • Air Compressors
    Air Compressors
  • Generators
  • Generators
  • Bar Bending Machine
    Bar Bending Machine
  • Concerete Mixers
    Concerete Mixers
  • Concerete Vibrators
    Concerete Vibrators
  • Plate Compactors
    Plate Compactors
  • Steel Cutting Machine
    Steel Cutting Machine
  • Vaccum Cleaner
    Vaccum Cleaner
  • Water Pressure
    Water Pressure
  • Water Pumps
    Water Pumps
  • Welding Machine
    Welding Machine


  • Concrete Spacer  Double Cover
    Concrete Spacer Double Cover
  • Concrete Spacer
    Concrete Spacer
  • Concrete Spacer With Wire
    Concrete Spacer With Wire
  • Formwork Accessories
    Formwork Accessories
  • Hexagon Nut
    Hexagon Nut
  • Plastic Ring Spacer Chair
    Plastic Ring Spacer Chair
  • Plastic Chair Spacer For Ground
    Plastic Chair Spacer For Ground
  • Plastic Linear Spacer
    Plastic Linear Spacer
  • Plastic Wheel
    Plastic Wheel
  • Rebar Caps
    Rebar Caps
  • Water Barrier
    Water Barrier
  • Wing Nut
    Wing Nut

Other Consumables

  • Binding Wire
    Binding Wire
  • Bottle Jacks
    Bottle Jacks
  • Crocodile Jacks
    Crocodile Jacks
  • Flicker Machine
    Flicker Machine
  • Food Container
    Food Container
  • Indasa Sand Paper
    Indasa Sand Paper
  • Nail Removers
    Nail Removers
  • Painting Accessories
    Painting Accessories
  • Pallet Truck
    Pallet Truck
  • PVC bucket
    PVC bucket
  • Site Shower
    Site Shower
  • Stickers & Signage
    Stickers & Signage
  • Masking Tape
    Masking Tape
  • Water Cooler
    Water Cooler
  • Water Tank
    Water Tank


Afamia Trading, a reputed company in The State of Qatar, serves the local industry with its Trading activities specially supplying Safety products, Building Materials, Hand & Power Tools etc.The company's principle is to continuously add value to its services, ensuring customer satisfaction and company growth.Through the past ten years, we have earned a reputation for being a trusted and reliable source and we are known as a trusted destination for International Manufacturers and Contractors, who seek a proficient representation in The State of Qatar.We believe in expanding businesses by keeping the costs down because we trust low cost enhance more sales.


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